Summer Clothing Color Fun

Summer Clothing Color Fun

colorful and fun summer dressingIt is that time of year when the sun is shining and the less clothing, the better–within reason of course. What better time to play with fashion than when the sun is shining and colorful clothing looks incredible? Color can enhance your mood and show others that you are a fun person.


The Basics

When choosing your summer wardrobe, include the basics. You should have a cute, fun pair of cut-offs, which you can buy or make from an old pair of jeans. Cut-offs allow you to play with a variety of choices for the top. You can choose a blousy, peasant-type top or keep it simple with a fun-colored wifebeater. Make sure the colors pop. Fluorescent colors are so big right now; it’s great to see all of the pinks and oranges. Even the bright yellows can change a smile to a frown.

Fantastic Dresses
In choosing a dress, you can take your ideas to many different levels. On younger girls, a flowing dress is adorable. As you get older, you can move more towards the maxi dress. The color choices are endless. There are so many different choices, in all price ranges, to choose from. Tie-dye dresses are fantastic, and on a chilly day, pairing one with a cropped jean jacket or cardigan can make your look a bit more sophisticated. Just make sure to keep it with a flat shoe for a bohemian style.



If you are not adding so much color to your clothing, there are many more options that will add that pop of excitement. Try a handbag in a bright color, or compliment your outfit with some jewelry. It’s always fun to play with your shoes as well. So many of today’s top actresses keep it exciting with a funky shoe color.


A Fun Bandana

Another idea is to use a fun bandana. On a hot day, select a great color and use it as headband or handkerchief. It can turn the worst hair day into one of the most fun you’ve had yet.

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Turn your room into your dream space

How to Turn Your Room Into Your Dream Space


Have you ever gone to a friend’s house and been blown away by her room? Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary–your private area for much needed alone time. When you go back to yours, however, it just feels blah and plain. Well, here are some ideas for adding your personality and flair, without breaking the bank.


*Always get your parents’ permission to make the changes you want.



Paint Your Room


The easiest way to make a bold change is to change your paint color, and there are so many ways to do this. You can stay with subtle or move to shocking. Even more fun is to add accents.  If you paint the room one color, why not add a splash of something else to the moldings or even to the details in your doors? It’s just enough splash without going overboard.


Get Some Decals


Another way to change your walls with little-to-no damage involves adding decals. There are so many companies, from Target to Fathead, that sell decals. There are even companies that do custom work. Most decals easily peel off with no permanent effect on your walls.


Push the Envelope


If your idea of pushing the envelope is far beyond paint, why not create your own wall masterpiece? As long as your parents approve, why not make the wall your own canvas? Splatter painting is so much fun, and you can even get your friends involved. What starts as silly can end up as art!  A great way to splatter the wall is to attach small balloons filled with paint to the wall, and then poke them with a little pin. Just sit back and watch what happens. Of course, if you are going to do this, it gets rather messy, so you need a parent there to make sure no one gets hurt.


Don’t Forget Your Furniture


With older furniture that needs to be refurbished, you can do some of the same things. There are many websites that can teach you how to resurface the wood before you paint.  You can even go to your local hardware store; the sales people might have great ideas to help you get started.


There are so many great ideas you can use. Just add your personality!  In no time, your room will be a new version of your private sanctuary.  Just make sure your room makeover is fun!

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Making Homemade Stationery

making homemade stationery

Like so many other females, we love to write letters. It’s so much more personal than texting or sending an email. The days spent pouring out our thoughts on a beautiful piece of stationery, and maybe even spraying the paper with perfume like they used to in the old movies, seem so long ago. But who doesn’t love getting a handwritten thank-you note from a friend? It really shows how much she cares.


If you long for the days of stationery, here are some ideas to create your own, adding in your own personality:


Ÿ  If you go to your local craft or scrapbooking store, you can find many ideas for your paper.  In the stamp isle, you can find your initials or even a picture of something personal. For example, if you are sending a thank-you note after a party, find a stamp that goes with the party theme. Many of these stores have beautiful paper already adorned with different themes, sparkles, etc.


Ÿ  Using stickers can be a cute idea, and they can even work for the younger letter writer.  What a fun way to decorate the paper or even the envelope! You can still find wax embossers to close your envelopes with beautiful designs, adding a touch of elegance.


Ÿ  If you want to get even fancier, you can create your own paper. Tye dye paper looks incredible; no two pieces will be the same. There are many tutorials on the Internet, and even on YouTube, to help you create your one-of-a-kind tye dye paper.


Ÿ  Another great idea to personalize your stationery is using Mod Podge. The ideas for this are endless. You can create a photo montage or use different pieces from magazines. You can even color your own pieces and strategically place them.  In the end, you will have an incredibly unique piece for writing your letter or wishing your friend well.


You can use all of these ideas to make your invitations as well.  Using your theme, you can create your own masterpieces that those you cherish will save for years to come. Use your creativity and have fun! The more thought you put into your creations, the more your loved ones will get out of them.

We want to help celebrate all the girls that have been a good friend.  Is your daughter a fantastic friend?  Tell us why and she can win a Blingerz prize pack for two! 


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How to Make Your First Boy/Girl Party a Success

making your first boy/girl party successful

If you’ve ever been to a boy/girl party, then you know how challenging it can be to make it an amazing success. You don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable, and you definitely want everyone to have a great time.  So here are some tips to pull off a fantastic party for you and all of your friends:


The Invites


First, you need to decide on your invitations. To save money, you can either do an Evite, which is usually free, or create a private event on Facebook. You need to make sure all of your friends are on Facebook before you do that, however. The nice part of the Evite idea is that you can create a theme if you like. Evite has lots of different designs from which you can choose.


The Food


For your food choices, you can make it a little bit more grown up. Instead of pizza, serve pizza bagels, mini hot dogs, spinach pies, etc. All of these items can be purchased from a bulk store at a cost-effective price. For snack and candy ideas, use gummies, licorice and other candies in decorative jars or colored Chinese food take-out containers. You can even plan your food choices around a theme.




For dessert, its always fun to make an ice cream bar and allow your party goers to make their own sundaes. If you are doing a movie theme party, be sure to have popcorn in popcorn tubs and provide a variety of toppings to sprinkle on.


Theme Ideas


There are many different ideas for fun themes, depending on your crowd and budget.


Ÿ  If it’s a warm summer night, your movie night can be outside. This will just require the rental of a projector and screen. You can even put the ice cream bar theme with it.


Ÿ  If you want to go a little bit edgier, why not hire a fortune teller? This could be fun for a Halloween-themed party.


Ÿ  A casino night can be loads of fun too. To pull this off, you need to have a couple of people as the dealers. Instead of money, which you don’t want to use, have fun and funny prizes for the winners.


A great way to choose a fun theme is by working around the season or the holiday.  They make for the easiest food and décor ideas.  Whatever you choose, invite the people you enjoy hanging out with. And above all else, have a great time!


We want to help celebrate all the girls that have been a good friend.  Is your daughter a fantastic friend?  Tell us why and she can win a Blingerz prize pack for two!

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Fun Ideas for End-of-the-School-Year Parties

It’s that time of year again. Everyone has spring fever, and summer is just around the corner.  The anticipation is overwhelming as people get ready to say goodbye to friends until the fall and get excited over summer plans. It’s always fun to celebrate the last day of school with friends before you all go your separate ways. Here are some fun ideas–for all ages–to make that day extra special:


Ÿ  If you want to keep the party close to home and you have a pool, then create a pool party.  Your decorations and party goods can be based on your school colors.  Be sure to have lots of balloons (always an inexpensive but colorful decoration). Keep the food easy. Maybe barbecue! If it’s just snacks, finger food is fun. Have different kinds of snacks to grab; they are always cute in buckets or small pails. Likewise, keep water bottles around to help people stay hydrated.


Ÿ  If you live near a beach, you can use that as your location. Maybe even bring a volleyball net to the beach to get a fun game going. Whether you are at a pool or the beach, if the party goes into the evening, you can bring out the s’mores.  S’mores make everything more fun! Be sure to have your graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate handy.  When the sun goes down and the bonfire starts, that’s always a good time to share your memories from the school year.


Ÿ  A great way to share those memories is to have everyone who attends bring photos from the previous years. Looking back at everything you experienced makes for tons of fun and lots of laughs.


Ÿ  If you are not looking to have a pool or beach party, why not get a bunch of friends to the movies?  The bigger the group, the better. And be sure to make it a comedy. The last days of school may be sad, and you don’t want to add unnecessary tears to the mix. Provide lots of snacks and have everyone sit together. If the group is large enough, there are even ways to rent out the theater and have a private party there.


Whatever you decide to do at the end of the school year, make it fun and about you and your friends.  It’s a day you will always remember.


We want to help celebrate all the girls that have been a good friend.  Is your daughter a fantastic friend?  Tell us why and she can win a Blingerz prize pack for two!


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How to Create a Flash Mob

how to create a flash mob 

Have you ever seen a flash mob on TV or in a YouTube video and wanted to join in? Well, flash mobs have taken the world by storm. Tons of celebrities are posting flash mobs they have been part of or started, and there are some funny ones that have popped up from parties of all kinds.  If you’ve ever wanted to be part of one, now is your big chance. We are going to guide you in creating your own flash mob:


The Song


First, think about why you want to do the flash mob. Is it for family, a friend’s birthday, or even some sort of organized event? The song you choose should fit the event or occasion. Make sure you keep the song royalty free so as to avoid creating any issues for yourself.  Many flash mob choreographers are professionals, but anyone can do it. You want to keep the moves as simple as possible.  Remember, there will be dancers of different skill levels in your group.


Keep It Quiet


Keeping the flash mob hush hush is important, especially if you are surprising someone at a party.  It should definitely take everyone–especially the recipient–by surprise. So the best way to teach the moves is to make a video and send it privately to each participant. If you are providing an open invitation to join in, make it easy for participants to find the video or pass along.


Practice Your Moves


Make sure your group practices to perfect the dance. It is so important to have all the dancers moving simultaneously. Dancing is a great workout, so practicing not only helps participants perfect their moves but also burns calories. What an added bonus!


If your group has a lot of people who don’t normally dance, be sure to use lots of arm movements. It makes it easier for the group and easier for you as the choreographer.


Dress to Impress


Another way to make it fun, especially if it’s for someone special, is to plan some sort of costume. This could be as simple as all-black clothes or a specific color shirt or even a multitude of colors that somehow coordinate.


Just remember to have fun creating the flash mob and have dancing.  Don’t forget to have someone videotape it. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


We want to help celebrate all the girls that have been a good friend.  Is your daughter a fantastic friend?  Tell us why and she can win a Blingerz prize pack for two!


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not crazy about bff's boyfriend


We don’t always agree with the choices our friends make. Maybe we don’t like the choices for selfish reasons, or maybe it’s for reasons that our friends just don’t see.


I’m sure we’ve all had negative feelings towards our friend’s boyfriends at one point or another. Maybe it’s because we think they are too good for that particular person, or maybe it’s because he isn’t good to her. Either way, these situations require care to avoid damaging your relationship with your BFF.


A Time to Keep Quiet


Unfortunately, there are times you just need to keep it to yourself. Think about the reason for your animosity.  If it is jealousy, then you want to keep it inside. Instead of trying to explain yourself, you may end up jeopardizing your friendship. In the end, is jealousy worth it?


A Time to Speak Up–Carefully


There are times when an outsider (you in this case) sees the person for who he really is, and your friend may be too blind to his charms to see what everyone else does.  In this situation, you still need to be extra careful with the way you approach your friend.  You never want to attack her boyfriend because that will immediately put them both on the defensive.  Instead, there are some tactics that may be more beneficial and allow your friend to see him as if she was the outsider looking in.


You can use an example of someone your friend knows, either how another friend was treated or the example of a guy you both know and the nature of his being.  Maybe she has heard of someone else being treated in a disrespectful manner, and you can use that as an example and explain how that is the same way other people see their relationship.


A Time to Step Up


Sometimes it is just plainly your issue, and you need to really step up to the plate.  Make a point to hang out with your BFF’s boyfriend one on one to get to know–and hopefully–like him. But never talk behind their backs. Just remember, she was your friend before she dated him, and you want to make sure you are still friends if they break up.  Whatever you do, make sure you are not the one to break them up in the end.


One more piece of advice is to always make sure you still get your one-on-one time with your friend. Always let her know you are there for her in any situation. That is what a best friend does!


We want to help celebrate all the girls that have been a good friend.  Is your daughter a fantastic friend?  Tell us why and she can win a Blingerz prize pack for two!


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Friendship Expectations: Are They Realistic?

managing friendship expectations

We all rely on our friends for so many different things that go on in our lives. Healthy friendships are so important to maintain. Friends keep us sane through difficult times. We have fun with them, cry to them and just let loose with them. You should be able to be yourself around your friends.


Friends for a Reason


Of course, we have all had friends who, at times, are not the perfect choices for us. They say that people come into your life at all different times, maybe for a lifetime or possibly for a fleeting moment. If you think that way, then you will be able to understand that every friendship, regardless of whether it is long, short, strong or flimsy, happens for a reason.


There are just some people you meet who might not become a major part of your life. They may judge you (which a true friend would not do), they may talk about you or they may be just plain nasty. These are the friendships you learn from. From these relationships, you realize what you don’t want in a lifelong friend. Who wants to feel badly about herself? I don’t know many people who do.


So out of those types of friendships, you learn about yourself. You become a stronger person when you realize when a so-called friend is not a true friend.. A true friend should be able to pick you up and give you confidence.


Friends for Different Time Periods


There are all different times in your life when you need specific friends to be with you. There will be people you will meet in grade school, high school, college and into adulthood. People from grade school can be the most amazing lifelong friends. Even though you will both change and meet new people, your childhood friends know you in a different way.  They know the you before anything mattered and when there were no boy problems, clothing problems or influence issues. These are pure friendships. As you get older, however, you gravitate towards others who share your specific interests.



Friends for Different Situations


There are friends for so many different situations as well. You need someone you can cry to, complain to, laugh with and be serious with. You deserve your friendships and should never be uncomfortable around your true friends. There are some people who have different friends with whom they share each of these categories and some with one or two with whom they share everything.


Just remember to feel respected and be respectful of your friends. As they say, boys come and go, but your friendships can last a lifetime and get you through all of life’s hardships.


We want to help celebrate all the girls that have been a good friend.  Is your daughter a fantastic friend?  Tell us why and she can win a Blingerz prize pack for two!





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Fun Hair Ideas

Fun Hair Ideas

fun hair ideas

I’m sure everyone has seen all the beautiful braids the celebrities have been rocking on the red carpet. Of course, their hairstylists come up with amazing and flawless looks, but you can do it too. Below are some fun hair ideas that would be great for school or even the weekend. You’ll even find instructions for re-creating them!


Try the Fishtail Braid


First off, the fishtail braid is so simple but elegant looking. If you’re having a bad hair day, this hairstyle can make it better.


Click here to learn all about the fishtail braid, and then try it with your own hair. You will definitely turn heads!


The Classic French Braid and More


Another great look is a side French braid. There are many takes on this variation. Many of us grew up with one French braid in the back or one on each side. Well, now they are getting a lot more creative and fantastic. Of course, we love the little French braid at the front of the head with the rest of your hair framing your face, but why not get a little more daring. We also love the French braid starting on one side of the head and twisting to the other. You can then leave the end as a ponytail or braid or even pin it up for a dressy event.


Here is another video tutorial to teach you to French braid. Once you have that down, you can easily do the side French braid and play with different styles.



10 Different Hairstyles to Try


Ok, so maybe a French braid is not the look you’re going for. In this YouTube video, we have found a girl who teaches you many different hairstyles. How fun is that? You can have a new hairstyle every day of the week! Talk about no boredom.


We hope you find these hairstyles fun and easy. These videos give you some hope on those late mornings or bad hair days.  Even more fun is the fact that you can show them off in the beautiful spring weather and not hide them under your winter hats!


Happy hair doing!


We want to help celebrate all the girls that have been a good friend.  Is your daughter a fantastic friend?  Tell us why and she can win a Blingerz prize pack for two!


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How To Make Friends

How to Make Friends

how to make friends

I’m sure most of us have been in situations where we were the “odd man out.” This often happens when we switch to a new school, start a new job,  enroll in new camp, or move to a new neighborhood.  These can be difficult times for anyone let alone a child. Leaving a place where you can easily find comfort and going somewhere foreign can make you feel like a fish out of water.


Here are some easy tips to help you feel more comfortable and part of the group in any situation:


Be a Joiner


If you are moving to a new school, make sure to check out everything the school has to offer. There may be clubs or sport teams you can join, and that’s one of the easiest ways to make new friends. You obviously have some of the same interests, and you can use that as your opener. Whether it’s running lines to try out for the school play or working out together for a sport, just starting up conversation with those interests in mind is a sure way to make a new friend.




Volunteering is a great idea for making friends. When you volunteer for something you feel passionate about, you will find others you enjoy being with. You both obviously like to give back, and that’s a great way to find a friend with some of the same goals as you while feeling good about giving at the same time.


Places of Worship


Another great way to develop friendships is to become involved in programs at your church or temple. Places of worship offer so many different opportunities for people of any age.  There are youth groups for younger people and various groups for adults of all ages. Through such programs, you will find people with similar values, and you can work on building wonderful foundations for your friendships.


The Right Attitude


Stay positive and confident in yourself as you strive to make new friends. What you give off makes a huge difference to others and how they perceive you. Give a good first impression by making eye contact and small talk. If you find a common interest, suggest coffee or lunch. You will be surprised by how such simple gestures can help you make a friend for life.


Remember, the most important part of making new friends is being confident in yourself. If you like yourself, you will give off a positive vibe, and others will want to like you too.


We want to help celebrate all the girls that have been a good friend.  Is your daughter a fantastic friend?  Tell us why and she can win a Blingerz prize pack for two!


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